Monday, 20 November 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

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After the longest time lusting over the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette, I was so lucky to receive this as a leaving gift from my old work colleagues a few months back.

This is palette is the entire package; as soon as a set eyes on this little beauty, a wave of happiness comes over me. The ombre peach colours of the case are absolutely stunning and I just have to quickly comment on how much I love that the packaging is metal rather than fabric. Fucking fabric makeup packing is the bane of my life. It gets so, so dirty! 

Once you're inside the palette you are greeted with a dreamy hit of peach scent and the delightful sight of a gorgeous array of shades. There are a combination of shimmers and mattes, ranging from peach toned white, to purples, all the way to black. The scope of colours is more than impressive and makes this one of my ultimate go-to's for whatever kind of look I'm creating.

beauty, review, Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, Too Faced, best eyeshadow palette, makeup tutorial, peach eye shadow look, glam makeup tutorial

beauty, review, Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, Too Faced, best eyeshadow palette, makeup tutorial, peach eye shadow look, glam makeup tutorial

The texture of the shadows are everything you could ask for. The mattes are buttery and bold while the shimmers are vibrant and can be bought to life with a simple spritz of water on a brush. I find the shadows really easy to blend and they are also buildable and layer amazingly, which is perfect for making endless, multicoloured looks.

The thing that has me reaching for this palette so often is that it's so unique. It has all those staple colours that an eye look needs and every eye shadow palette has, but also has a great variety of other, more exciting shades which make for unique everyday or full glam looks. 

To see the palette in action, be sure to watch my Peach & Khaki makeup tutorial & don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 


Monday, 2 October 2017

Autumn Skin: The Essentials

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This year it felt like I blinked and summer was suddenly over. Today I'm looking out my window and the trees are sparse and orange and when I step outside of a morning, my breath is a chill cloud. We all know when it's time to switch up our wardrobe for the colder months, but what about our skincare routines? My skin has been a lot drier, blemish prone and dull since the weather turned, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Autumn skin is different so requires different care and these are the products I dust off when the temperature drops.

Overnight treatments are amazing at the best of times, but especially when it's colder in the evenings... Simply apply, snooze and wash your face as usual in the morning - it really doesn't get more effortless than that. I've found myself reaching for the Cloud 9 Deep Nourishing Sleep Mask so much recently as it gives my skin the moisture fix it's craving. The mask contains avocado oil which provides intense hydration and also helps slow down signs of ageing. Lush!

When I need a bit of heavy duty hydration, this is my go-to. Despite being so creamy and thick in texture, this doesn't make me appear over oily at all and instead gives me the radiant, healthy glow which I covet. This is also just the right texture to act as a moisturiser and primer, so I cut out the middle man between my skincare and makeup when I use this product. I would also especially recommend this moisturiser for sensitive skin, it's ingredients are designed to be extra gentle and loving. Issa French pharmacy thing, they have sensitive skin covered.

Who doesn't love a face spritz? The only thing better than a refreshing, rehydrating spray, is one that contains insanely skin loving ingredients. Calming rose essential oil is the leading lady in this toning spray, which is amazing for nourishing and soothing skin and this spritz also claims to be particularly good for rosacea sufferers. Simply apply this before moisturising to instantly balance and hydrate your complexion. You can also use this throughout the day as a cooling, hydration top up. 

I adore this moisturiser for making my skin look youthful and plump in a flash. I find this great for every day use as it is comfortable, majorly hydrating but also not too heavy for my oily skin. If you want even more of a hydration hit, apply for 5-10 minutes as a mask. I also love that not only is this great for nourishing dry skin, but this product protects against pollution and other environmental aggressors, which is ideal for me working in London.


Sunday, 1 October 2017

The Hangover Edit

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When you're living it up with your sixth glass of prosecco, the furthest thing from your mind is how horrific you are going to feel in the morning. For me, the morning after the night before is not a pretty sight. Aside from the shakes and crippling nausea, I normally find myself pale, dry, with massive bags under my eyes and on the verge of a major breakout where I've more than likely passed out in bed without taking my ten tonne of slap off.

The day after a heavy night, I have to take extra precaution to even slightly resemble my normal self and there are few products that you will always find me reaching for when hungover,

Drinking transforms my normally oily skin into a dry, pasty mess overnight. I adore this Too Faced primer on the best of days, but I am especially grateful for it when suffering a hangover. The creamy consistency of this primer delivers my skin an intense hit of hydration, which instantly brightens up my dull complexion and makes it look and feel healthier. Plus, it smells like coconuts - what's not to love?!

My under eye bags are unforgiving when I've treated myself to one too many. Not only do they appear in full force, but they are often very purple toned, which makes me resemble a dead body. Beaut. Colour corrector is my go-to in this instance and I opt for this liquid Bobbi Brown one as it a lot more hydrating and gentle than more solid creams. The texture allows it to apply more evenly and naturally when my skin is dehydrated for quick and comfortable under eye bag extermination.

There's nothing that fakes awake better than a light eyeliner. I swipe this gorgeous nude liner into my waterline to breathe new life into my haggered, hungover face. I like to use nude instead of white when hanging as it looks more natural and give a subtle and soft pop to my eyes. 

Blush is a massive must when I'm looking more than a little lack lustre. A subtle wash of colour makes the world of difference and gives a healthy, natural glow to your complexion. For this, I adore the Morphe Blush Palette which contains 9 unique shades, perfect for any skin tone and makeup look. I simply pick up a small amount on a big powder brush and then apply onto the apples of my cheeks, dragging the product across my cheeks towards my ears. 


Monday, 25 September 2017

Favourite Four: Facial Oils

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 Facial oils are the unsung heroes of skincare. Whatever your skin type and problem is, facial oils are guaranteed to serve you up the solution you've been searching for. It's a common misconception that oily skinned girls like myself should steer clear of anything that hasn't got 'matifying' plastered all over its label but oils are perfectly suitable and damned right effective for any and all skin type.

They're unbelievable at re-hydrating a complexion, which in turn contributes to anti-ageing and making your skin appear brighter and more radiant. They also help to even out skin tone, blurring out imperfections such as dark spots. And for the ladies who suffer with oily skin, who are flat out reeling at the thought of putting oil on their face - these beauties balance and prevent your skin from overproducing oil by giving it the hydrating that it naturally needs.

Here are my favourite four facial oils that have championed all others to win a place in my beauty cupboard and this blog post...

If I had to choose one oil to commit to for the rest of my life - it would be this one. I adore this oil for every day use and I prefer to apply this underneath my makeup during my morning skincare routine rather than of an evening as it's lightweight enough. This lush Mauka Doctor product gives my complexion a heavenly radiance which I absolutely adore and also brings in plenty of compliments - TYSM.

The sensitive skin counterpart of the cult Trilogy Rosehip Oil, this product has super sensitive skin in mind and ingredients that nourish and protect it. If my skin is having an episode and I am tentative about putting anything to heavy on it, this is what I reach for. The ingredient that I am doing major heart eye emojis at is sea buckthorn, which is a dream for softening wrinkles and also does wonders for stretch marks.

First things first, this smells divine. I'm full on obsessed with the beautiful scent of this product. Not only does it smell gorgeous, but it also looks stunning. Peep that silver and rose gold packaging, could my Instagram feed ask for anything better?! Luckily, this product doesn't just have a pretty face, the oil itself is amazing. It leaves me absolutely glowing and makes my skin feel so treated. For me, this is a tad too oily for me to wear under makeup, so this is my go-to for an overnight complexion pamper. 

If you are an extremely oily gal or guy and are cringing at the idea of the feel of oil on your face, this is the choice for you. I find this the most lightweight and invisible looking and feeling oil in my arsenal and gives my skin a super soft, naturally hydrated feel. This makes it great for every day use and this lovely product is a heaven sent for all skin types.


Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Body Exfoliation Post

While I'm insanely obsessed with all aspects of beauty and looking after my body inside and out, the one area I admit I am a massive slacker in is exfoliation. Although every time I visit by waxing beautician she makes me swear blind I will start exfoliating religiously, it always seems to trickle further and further down my to do list. 

That is until I was introduced to the products that these days make me impatient to exfoliate head to toe. These beauties put the excitement back into exfoliation.

Dry body brushing is one of the best kept secrets of beauty. It helps rid your body of cellulite, ingrown hairs and dry skin with minimal effort. The best part? Body brushes costs absolutely peanuts! Simply brush in circular motions head to toe to help slough away dead skin whilst also unclogging any pores that might be tempted to turn into ingrown hairs. Not only is dry brushing a dream for exfoliation, but the invigoration of your skin also helps break down cellulite.

All hail Fake Bake for creating the ultimate tanning products. Not only do they have the actual tan covered, but the prep too. I adore this stuff for a quick in shower exfoliate, I simply apply by hand or via loofah and scrub in circular motions to leave my skin buffed and even. I adore the sweet, fruity smell of the scrub and it's the perfect morning shower pick-me-up! This really is the perfect product for a quick and easy exfoliate.

If your girl is looking for a little bit more of a luxurious pamper experience, this is what you'll find me reaching for. This gorgeous scrub is submerged in oil, meaning you hydrate your body as your exfoliate. Lush. The key ingredient in the replenishing oil is Cupuacu nut, which is rumoured to be the Amazonian secret for nourished and healthy skin. Glamazonian body, here I come...

Forget it’s dreamy, hot pink, Instagram worthy packaging, it’s what’s inside that makes this product so desirable. The Mode’s Co coffee scrub contains coffee granules to stimulate the skin and rid it of rough skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. To give your skin a sexy kick, the scrub is also infused with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil for nourished and glowing look and feel.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Colour Correcting: The Best Of

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One of the most underrated and under appreciated powers of makeup is colour correcting. It sounds super complicated and admittedly a little bit faddy, but colour correcting is a proven method used to counteract complexion imbalances and conceal problem areas.

Colour correcting works by targeting specific colours that appear in said problem areas. For example, purple and green tones are visible in dark under eyes, and red tones are visible in blemishes. These colours can be applied onto their respective opposite to help combat the following tones from shining through.

Green- Cancels red. Perfect for concealing spots and blemishes.
Yellow- Cancels purple. Fab for concealing purple toned under eyes.
Purple- Cancels yellow. Neutralises and brightens dull yellow tones in complexion.
Pink- Cancels brown. Ideal for brightening and hiding dark spots and discolouration. 
Orange- Cancels brown. Targets major league dark circles and dark spots on skin.

Time to meet the products which will give you your best colour correcting to date...

Sleek have your complexion covered with this little beauty. I can't get over just how much you get of your money; containing six shades, this great palette has the answer to correcting each and every of your skin issues in one makeup bag sized product. Don't be afraid to mix colours to customise the correction to your skin needs and with the impressive range of shades in this palette, the combinations are endless.

First things first, I've got to get off my chest how insanely cool this product looks. The sleek white packaging is totally crisp and flawless, making it look as expensive as it really is. It looks nice in your makeup bag, and that's a value in it's own right! The shade Cover(t) Affairs is a marbleised fusion of green, orange and yellow, making for the ultimate redness combating combination. Simply swipe across your complexion and blend for instant neutralisation of red areas and blemishes. 

This nifty palette contains the three key shades when it comes to colour correcting, orange, green and purple. Use orange to bust dark circles, green to hide redness and purple to brighten dullness. Viola, all of your complexion woes can be wiped out with one handy little product. Not only does it contain three different correcting tones but also a graphic guide of how to use the products and a mirror. Very considerate, Rimmel, very considerate.

Makeup doesn't get much better than Bobbi Brown, and the brand's reputation for high quality products that deliver exactly what they promise is maintained in their Colour Corrector pots. These creamy products are available in a whopping 16 tones, so whatever your skin concern is, Bobbi Brown has the solution. I find the texture of these to be heavy enough to easily conceal but also lightweight enough to wear on a day to day basis. The thing that really makes me swoon? How creamy, smooth and blendable the Corrector's formula is. 

Lottie London well and truly came through with this killer colour correcting quad. It contains four colours - green, purple, yellow and orange - to ensure a naturally flawless complexion with ease. The buttery and blendable texture of the concealers is unbeatable and with this palette, I never have to worry about pesky creasing. It's also worth noting that the palette contains a generous amount of each correcting shade making for long lasting complexion perfection.


Monday, 19 June 2017

The Holy Grail Makeup Remover

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

Never underestimate the power of a good makeup remover. We all know that good makeup is nothing without good skincare, which is part of the reason why makeup removal is so important. Making sure you properly remove all of your makeup will keep your skin clear of residue and dirt and will give your complexion it's best chance at being free of congestion, blemishes and blocked pores.

When you spend as much time as I do putting makeup on and taking it off, it's a blessing to have a makeup remover you can rely on. For me, the Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup Remover, £16.50 is that blessing. This gorgeous bottle of goodness delivers everything you could ever ask for in a great makeup remover.

When you first clamp eyes on the 2 Phases Makeup Remover, you do get the impression that it's something a little special. The division of the blue and clear liquids inside the bottle makes for an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to your dressing table, and let's not pretend that at any age using something that looks as unique and out of the ordinary as this is a little (a LOT) exciting.

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review
Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

  Not only does it look other worldly, but the product itself is also heavenly. The remover is formulated with argan oil, rice brain oil, black ribes oil and chamomile extract to nourish the skin whilst also tearing through stubborn makeup. The soft texture of the oily liquid makes for super comfortable and effortless removal, one swipe on a cotton pad instantly dissolves the thickest foundation and leaves my skin feeling like a newborn's.

I haven't stumbled across another makeup removal product which makes my skin feels as soft and hydrated as this gorgeous Lord and Berry one. I also adore how even though the liquid has a slightly oily texture and feel to it, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and grimy like other oil makeup removers do. 

This perfect product really is a the top of the makeup removal game, there's nothing I'd rather turn to for ultra quick and majorly effortless removal.

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