Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Body Exfoliation Post

While I'm insanely obsessed with all aspects of beauty and looking after my body inside and out, the one area I admit I am a massive slacker in is exfoliation. Although every time I visit by waxing beautician she makes me swear blind I will start exfoliating religiously, it always seems to trickle further and further down my to do list. 

That is until I was introduced to the products that these days make me impatient to exfoliate head to toe. These beauties put the excitement back into exfoliation.

Dry body brushing is one of the best kept secrets of beauty. It helps rid your body of cellulite, ingrown hairs and dry skin with minimal effort. The best part? Body brushes costs absolutely peanuts! Simply brush in circular motions head to toe to help slough away dead skin whilst also unclogging any pores that might be tempted to turn into ingrown hairs. Not only is dry brushing a dream for exfoliation, but the invigoration of your skin also helps break down cellulite.

All hail Fake Bake for creating the ultimate tanning products. Not only do they have the actual tan covered, but the prep too. I adore this stuff for a quick in shower exfoliate, I simply apply by hand or via loofah and scrub in circular motions to leave my skin buffed and even. I adore the sweet, fruity smell of the scrub and it's the perfect morning shower pick-me-up! This really is the perfect product for a quick and easy exfoliate.

If your girl is looking for a little bit more of a luxurious pamper experience, this is what you'll find me reaching for. This gorgeous scrub is submerged in oil, meaning you hydrate your body as your exfoliate. Lush. The key ingredient in the replenishing oil is Cupuacu nut, which is rumoured to be the Amazonian secret for nourished and healthy skin. Glamazonian body, here I come...

Forget it’s dreamy, hot pink, Instagram worthy packaging, it’s what’s inside that makes this product so desirable. The Mode’s Co coffee scrub contains coffee granules to stimulate the skin and rid it of rough skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. To give your skin a sexy kick, the scrub is also infused with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil for nourished and glowing look and feel.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Colour Correcting: The Best Of

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One of the most underrated and under appreciated powers of makeup is colour correcting. It sounds super complicated and admittedly a little bit faddy, but colour correcting is a proven method used to counteract complexion imbalances and conceal problem areas.

Colour correcting works by targeting specific colours that appear in said problem areas. For example, purple and green tones are visible in dark under eyes, and red tones are visible in blemishes. These colours can be applied onto their respective opposite to help combat the following tones from shining through.

Green- Cancels red. Perfect for concealing spots and blemishes.
Yellow- Cancels purple. Fab for concealing purple toned under eyes.
Purple- Cancels yellow. Neutralises and brightens dull yellow tones in complexion.
Pink- Cancels brown. Ideal for brightening and hiding dark spots and discolouration. 
Orange- Cancels brown. Targets major league dark circles and dark spots on skin.

Time to meet the products which will give you your best colour correcting to date...

Sleek have your complexion covered with this little beauty. I can't get over just how much you get of your money; containing six shades, this great palette has the answer to correcting each and every of your skin issues in one makeup bag sized product. Don't be afraid to mix colours to customise the correction to your skin needs and with the impressive range of shades in this palette, the combinations are endless.

First things first, I've got to get off my chest how insanely cool this product looks. The sleek white packaging is totally crisp and flawless, making it look as expensive as it really is. It looks nice in your makeup bag, and that's a value in it's own right! The shade Cover(t) Affairs is a marbleised fusion of green, orange and yellow, making for the ultimate redness combating combination. Simply swipe across your complexion and blend for instant neutralisation of red areas and blemishes. 

This nifty palette contains the three key shades when it comes to colour correcting, orange, green and purple. Use orange to bust dark circles, green to hide redness and purple to brighten dullness. Viola, all of your complexion woes can be wiped out with one handy little product. Not only does it contain three different correcting tones but also a graphic guide of how to use the products and a mirror. Very considerate, Rimmel, very considerate.

Makeup doesn't get much better than Bobbi Brown, and the brand's reputation for high quality products that deliver exactly what they promise is maintained in their Colour Corrector pots. These creamy products are available in a whopping 16 tones, so whatever your skin concern is, Bobbi Brown has the solution. I find the texture of these to be heavy enough to easily conceal but also lightweight enough to wear on a day to day basis. The thing that really makes me swoon? How creamy, smooth and blendable the Corrector's formula is. 

Lottie London well and truly came through with this killer colour correcting quad. It contains four colours - green, purple, yellow and orange - to ensure a naturally flawless complexion with ease. The buttery and blendable texture of the concealers is unbeatable and with this palette, I never have to worry about pesky creasing. It's also worth noting that the palette contains a generous amount of each correcting shade making for long lasting complexion perfection.


Monday, 19 June 2017

The Holy Grail Makeup Remover

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

Never underestimate the power of a good makeup remover. We all know that good makeup is nothing without good skincare, which is part of the reason why makeup removal is so important. Making sure you properly remove all of your makeup will keep your skin clear of residue and dirt and will give your complexion it's best chance at being free of congestion, blemishes and blocked pores.

When you spend as much time as I do putting makeup on and taking it off, it's a blessing to have a makeup remover you can rely on. For me, the Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup Remover, £16.50 is that blessing. This gorgeous bottle of goodness delivers everything you could ever ask for in a great makeup remover.

When you first clamp eyes on the 2 Phases Makeup Remover, you do get the impression that it's something a little special. The division of the blue and clear liquids inside the bottle makes for an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to your dressing table, and let's not pretend that at any age using something that looks as unique and out of the ordinary as this is a little (a LOT) exciting.

Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review
Lord and Berry 2 Phase Makeup remover review

  Not only does it look other worldly, but the product itself is also heavenly. The remover is formulated with argan oil, rice brain oil, black ribes oil and chamomile extract to nourish the skin whilst also tearing through stubborn makeup. The soft texture of the oily liquid makes for super comfortable and effortless removal, one swipe on a cotton pad instantly dissolves the thickest foundation and leaves my skin feeling like a newborn's.

I haven't stumbled across another makeup removal product which makes my skin feels as soft and hydrated as this gorgeous Lord and Berry one. I also adore how even though the liquid has a slightly oily texture and feel to it, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky and grimy like other oil makeup removers do. 

This perfect product really is a the top of the makeup removal game, there's nothing I'd rather turn to for ultra quick and majorly effortless removal.


Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hello, Summer Lipsticks

Dare I say these words? Summer is here. The blue sky is now clear from clouds, I can feel the heat on my skin and I finally feel like I can shed my tights once and for all until winter falls upon us. 

Part of the summer ritual is embracing fluorescent, bright lipstick shades which I am more than okay with doing. Long lashes and bold, bright lips is my signature summer makeup look but my lipstick has to be low maintenance and super comfortable. Do I want to reapply every time I sip my prosecco? God, no. Meet my favourite cocktail and kisses friendly lippies...

This brand seems to have appeared from absolutely no where, but that is by no means a complaint; Coloured Raine have some of the most beautiful, bold and unique liquid lipsticks out there. For summer, I'm absolutely living for Sweet Cake, which is a punchy burnt orange shade. Perfect against both deeper and lighter complexions, this colour is wearable but still guaranteed to make your makeup stand out from the crowd. 

Home truth: Insanely comfortable on your lips.

The colours don't get bolder than those from Beauty Bakerie. Tres Jolie is the prettiest, brightest pink in my lipstick collection and there's no better time than summer to flaunt this stunning shade. You'll be pleased to know these lipsticks are impressive on as they look in the bottle. One swipe delivers a generous amount of pigment and (even better), they won't budge. 

Home truth: Doesn't smell the best (read: like paint).

From the top left hand corner clockwise: Sweet Cake, Tres Jolie, Mrs Roper, Stripped.

What summer lip round up would be complete without an orange toned red lipstick? I happily hand Too Faced the crown for creating the beauty that is Mr Roper. This beautiful shade makes for effortless show stealing and is guaranteed to hot up any summer outfit. Whilst the matte texture is a tad on the dry side, the pigmentation will not let you down.

Home truth: On the patchy side.

Okay, okay, I know this isn't the boldest of the bunch but I had to stick a super wearable one in there. We ALL have days - yes, even me - where we fancy something a little more muted. While this pink toned nude definitely isn't much of a statement, one thing it definitely doesn't lack is colour pay off. This gorgeous nude makes it mark with super impressive pigmentation and equally as amazing longevity. 

Home truth: The Queen of liquid lipsticks doesn't disappoint.


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Beauty Supplements Worth Buying

best beauty supplements
Whether it’s for my skin, hair or just general health – I love a supplement. For someone like me who struggles to naturally grow Rapunzel hair, is always wary of spots trying to invade my skin and generally wants to take care of my body, supplements are great for helping me regulate my health and beauty.

Read on to see what supplements you will find knocking around my beauty cupboard...

Please note: I do not take all of these at once. These are recommendations of my favourite supplements. It's important not to exceed recommended daily limits for supplements and vitamins so always check labels and calculate your intakes.

Whilst I would typically choose a pill over this ever-so-strange orange drink, there's no denying that this blend of nourishing hair vitamins does works wonders. Including marine collagen, biotin, selenium and zinc, this beauty drinks supports the strength and natural growth of your hair whilst also boosting your skin and nails. Amaze. The one thing I'm not crazy about? The almost £40 price tag for 10 days worth of product.

Omega 3 is a wonder substance and Wiley's Fish Oil doesn't just contain heaps of Omega 3, it also includes Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D. These ingredients are great for your heart, blood, bones - you know- all the important stuff. It's easy to remember to take supplements that benefit the outside of our body, but it's also important to go the extra mile to take care of what's inside too. This may be an incorrect connection but I've also noticed a difference in my skin since religiously taking Omega 3 supplements. It's less prone to hormonal breakouts and is more radiant and healthy looking in general.

We've all seen products like these plastered all over Instagram, but the question is - do they actually work? In a short answer yes. BUT (the dreaded but) if you did buy all the ingredients as separate supplements, you'd save yourself a hell of a lot of money. For the days which I fancy a treat and opt for something like Hair Burst, I never regret it. They do encourage hair growth and I do see results, plus they taste amazing! Hair Burst alongside Sugar Bear Hair are my faves.

Collagen is the thing that gives our skin tissues strength and density. When taken in a decent supplement, your skin becomes more radiant and elasticity improves which can prevent lines and soften wrinkles. Yup, give me all the collagen. This Zenni product contains a high dosage of Marine Collagen which is like the caviar of collagen. Although this isn't advertised a multi beneficial product, marine collagen is also amazing for your hair.

The Everyday Faves

Whilst the above are a concoction of various vitamins, when I don't fancy forking out for a new batch I take it back to basics and take these single vitamins together for a DIY super supplement cocktail.

Folic acid is recommended as a pre-natal vitamin but I am obsessed with it. Not only does it help your body produce and maintain healthy cells (hello, radiant skin), it also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and Anaemia. Love it.

The worst kept secret to healthy and faster hair growth. This is the predominant ingredient in every hair growth vitamin you can find. It is the key. Best of all it's super inexpensive so you can make a DIY hair growth formula without splashing the cash.

Who doesn't hate being unwell? I certainly do. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system and maintains your overall health. It's also said that Vitamin C is vital for the normal functioning of your brain and can regulate your mood.


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dry Hair Saviours

best products for dry hair

New hair, who dis?

After having black hair for just over a year, I have recently been going through the motions of going back to blonde.

I loved my hair black, but being a natural blonde every time the tiniest bit of root would come through, I would look like I was going bald or had grey roots coming through and with every time I dyed my roots black, I became more and more conscious of the fact that one day when I didn't want to be black any more, I was going to have to bleach (and really fucking damage) my whole hair.

So, in a bid to stop myself anticipating that process, I decided to go ahead and start the journey back to blonde. 

Now, I don't know if it's the hair dye that I used or if it's just the fact black is really hard to remove or a bit of both. But, whatever the reason, it was really, really hard to get the black out of my hair.

Long story short, eight bleaches and many inches cut off later, I'm finally a whole lot lighter and on my way to being blonde. But, there's no denying my hair is very VERY damaged as a result.

Throughout the journey, I depended on a lot of products to keep my hair as healthy as possible. 

Olaplex & Smartbond

Olaplex has quickly become known as a miracle of the modern world. If you don't know, you need to get to know. Basically, Olaplex is a product that can be added to bleach to reduce the damage it does to your hair. In addition to the product that is used at the salon, you can also purchase the 'third step' which is an at home treatment which prolongs the repairing effects of Olaplex. 

 As well as having Olaplex a number of times, I've also had Smartbond which is L'Oreal's version of Olaplex.

Let me pause this post to fill you in on the absolute SHADE between L'Oreal and Olaplex. According to Cosmo, L'Oreal got hold of Olaplex's technology after they appeared to want to buy out the company. But, they withdrew their interest and within no time Smartbond was born. Whether that was a coincidence or not, Olaplex were not happy and filed a lawsuit against L'Oreal. 🐍

Anyway, I have had both used on my hair and I can safely say that both are miraculous. I won't sit here and say that either Olaplex or Smartbond have reduced all the damage, but considering how much I've put my hair through, they have been amazing at keeping my hair in decent condition. 

You only have to log onto Pinterest to see pages of praise for the hero that is coconut oil. Worshipped for it’s instant hair healing powers, this beautiful oil is nature’s best hair treatment. Out of all my expensive lotions and potions, coconut oil is the product that I see the most visible difference after using. For a heavy duty treatment, I saturate my entire head of hair, leave it overnight and wash off in the morning. I also love coconut oil for taming my frizz between washes and helping my ends look healthy and heaps less damaged.

I love a good leave in treatment, and this Revlon one quenches my thirsty locks nicely. After a shower I simply spritz this through my hair – lengths, ends, the lot – and almost immediately my hair detangles and feels silkier. After drying, this gorgeous thing gives my tresses a shine to it and leaves it super manageable. This Revlon buy is definitely one of the best leave in treatments I’ve ever used, and it’s impressive price point makes it even easier to rave about!

My hair likes to frizz at any opportunity possible and because it's also so fine, it's hard for me to find a hair oil that'll both nourish and tame my hair without making it appear greasy. On the days that I wake up and my locks look like Hermione Granger (Circa The Chamber of Secrets), I take a small pump of this silky stuff and palm it evenly through my hair. It smooths my ends and structures my curls a little better, meaning there's no need for me to pick up a styling tool.


Monday, 29 May 2017

Battle Of The Higher End Brow Products

best eyebrow product

I'm extremely smug to say- I have alright brows and I know it. Yes, the arrogance is real people. In my defence I have spent a lot of time (but mostly money) on my brows over the years and I'm pleased to say I'm finally happy with them. 

Despite my sickening pride in my eyebrows, few people know that my actual brows are pretty shit. I'll be honest, they are heaps better than they were naturally meant to be, but I was born with sparse and thin brows that will never be thick and long without a bit of extra help. 

This is where brow products have been a life saver. No exaggeration. Brow products are basically my desert island, holy grail, makeup bag essentials. So it's clear that brow products are my babies, and like any successful makeover it's all about the quality of the products.

Now, I would love to sit here and say that I've been bowled over by an eyebrow product that's under £10, but that's sadly not the case. I'm not a snob when it comes to brands and price (who doesn't love a bargain), but I've never really found a drugstore brow product that's worked as well as a more expensive one. If you know of an amazing high-street brow product, please holler at your girl because I'd love to try it!

But, the brow products I'm about to talk about are definitely worth the money and have both lasted me for well over a year, despite the back I basically use both of them every day, alternate days of the week.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbow steals the top spot, and is my absolute favourite brow product ever. Of all time. Period. The creamy texture of the product makes it easy to sculpt your dream brows, and they seriously stay perfect all freaking day. I have previously written about this little beauty, so read the full review here

The ABH Dipbrow doesn't come with a brush, and I use it with the MAC 208 brush, which I would highly recommend. The small size makes for the ultimate control and accuracy when crafting your brows.

The product that comes in second to Anastasia is the Benefit Brow Zings Kit. This clever little kit contains a brow gel and brow powder along with a nifty collapsible brush which has an angled end and blunt end. 

The only aspect of this kit I do not use at all is the blunt end of the brush - I just have no use for it. If you aren't going to make my brows look sharp enough to slay thine enemies then girl bye. I find I only need to use the angled end and I pick up both the gel and the powder using it.

On a typical day I would use the gel to create my desired brow outline as it glides easily and creates precise, sharp lines when used with an angled brush. I'd then use the powder to fill in the brows themselves.

From a UK citizen point of view, the Benefit Brow Zings Kit is a lot easy to get hold than ABH Dipbrow, but that being said nothing has stopped me from getting my hands on my holy grail products in the past. Not even the Atlantic Ocean. 

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