Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Pink Eyes & Lips Spring Makeup Look

2016, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, beauty, catherine delves, cosmetics, makeup, Makeup Revolution, motd, Spring, YouTube, youwishyou,
2016, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, beauty, catherine delves, cosmetics, makeup, Makeup Revolution, motd, Spring, YouTube, youwishyou,
2016, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit, beauty, catherine delves, cosmetics, makeup, Makeup Revolution, motd, Spring, YouTube, youwishyou,

Spring is officially here and whilst I was initially resisting leaving my heavy, winter makeup behind, I finally caved and created a glam spring look the other day. Spring and summer makeup are all about nude, pink or neon lips and big, light, natural eyes. This look was created using a foiled dusty pink on my lids and a taupe to smoke out the look. I paired this eye makeup with Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills which is a soft pink shade and compliments it nicely! I usually straighten my hair but I let my natural curls come through in this look as I felt like it added to the relaxed spring/summer vibe on the makeup. I used a lot less products than usual as this was a pretty natural (well natural by my standards!) makeup look, but I loved the way it turned out. What do you think?

Products used

Rimmel Lasting Finish primer
NYX HD Eye Base
Makeup Revolution Smoked Romantic Palette
Tarte Tartelette Palette
MAC Upwards lash Mascara

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

March Favourites

beauty, makeup, march, monthly, favourites, swatch, Jeffree Star Androgyny review, Gerard Cosmetics Iced Mocha, liquid lipstick, Paul and Joe, NYX HD Eye shadow base, Maybelline, concealer, Tarte, Captivating Blush,

March has been full on the most scary month this year so far as I've attempted to tackle most of my dissertation. When you're not in your final year and you hear people go on about their dissertation you're like, "Why do they keep going on about it? It can't be that hard. They shouldn't of left it until the last minute," but seriously, doing my dissertation has felt like being blind and trying to write an essay. It's not been an easy process. Whilst my dissertation has been dominating a large portion of my life, the other thing that will always dominate my life is of course my love of beauty, and that has not come to a halt this month whatsoever. I have a fair few favourites this month, so grab a cup of tea and read away.

-Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Captivating-

Now we're easing into Spring, I'm embracing lighter blushes instead of my winter choice of deep blush shades. If you're a blush junkie and you haven't tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, you are missing out. I live for super matte blush and the finish of this gorgeous product is absolutely perfect. It's matte as matte could be and whilst the colour is vibrant, it is slightly sheer which makes for creating a beautiful, subtle wash of colour that is what I want from my blush. I'm not fond of anything too pink and Captivating is a gorgeous peach toned pink which is super flattering on my medium toned skin. It gives an instant wake me up to my makeup and I've been loving it for my fresh, everyday spring makeup looks.

-Paul & Joe Nail Polish, Shade 19-

In the past few months I have stepped away from acrylic nails (sob!) and have been donning my natural claws instead. After years of getting acrylics done at the salon and always using their colours, I've actually had the chance to delve into my nail varnish collection. One of my recent favourites has been Paul and Joe polish in number 19. It's a very pretty orange toned red, which I think is the perfect transition shade into spring. I adore the quality of this polish as I find it glides on super easily and always dries in a flawless, even finish. I will say it does flake off as quickly as the next nail varnish, but it does dry quicker than most which makes reapplication a breeze. 

-Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer-

I've been using this non stop, not only in March but pretty much every one of the last few months. This is a product that was massively hyped on Youtube and I can honestly say, I understand and appreciate the hype. I love the matte and high coverage finish of this concealer. The concealer is high coverage, which is great for hiding any dark circles, but also very buildable which I find really helpful as some days I definitely need more coverage than others! It also dries really quick and matte, which is perfect for someone like me who has oily skin so is grateful for her matte finishes. 

-NYX HD Eye Primer-

MAC's Soft Ocher has been my ride or die eye primer for eternity now, but as mentioned in my last post I've been unusually dry as of late and I've been reaching for this as a more hydrating primer option. This gorgeous little NYX product is a super affordable liquid eyelid primer and I find it perfect for effortlessly prepping my eyes before applying the war paint. I have properly reviewed this in my Base Edit post a while back, so have a read of that if you want to know a little more about this product. 

beauty, makeup, march, monthly, favourites, swatch, Jeffree Star Androgyny review, Gerard Cosmetics Iced Mocha, liquid lipstick, Paul and Joe, NYX HD Eye shadow base, Maybelline, concealer, Tarte, Captivating Blush,
Left to right: 
Tarte Captivating Blush, Jeffree Star Androgyny, Gerard Cosmetics Iced Mocha

-Jeffree Star Androgyny Liquid Lipstick-

A brand of liquid lipsticks that I am obsessed with at the moment is Jeffree Star's. My friend and I would listen to his music in our teens, so seeing him step on the makeup scene definitely brought back some nostalgia! This gorgeous lipstick had been out of stock forever, but I luckily managed to get my hands on it when they restocked. They went out of stock again almost instantly so it felt pretty amazing to get it. This is a gorgeous pink/mauve and the formula of these liquid lipsticks are literally the best I've ever used. They are super comfortable on the lips and the colours are just perfect. 

-Gerard Cosmetics Iced Mocha Liquid Lipstick-

Another brand of liquid lipstick I've been obsessed with recently are by Gerard Cosmetics. These are a very, very close second in the comfort games behind the Jeffree Star Formula and the colours are just divine. I adore the shade Iced Mocha, I wore it in my most recent Youtube tutorial (which you can watch here) and it's probably one of my most used liquid lipsticks of all time. When swatched and first applied, it looks brown, but it dries with a more purple tone to it. I always get complimented when I have this on, and I also feel like it really brings out the blue in my eyes which might be completely in my head, but it definitely feels that way! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Vaseline Moisturisers: My Favourite Heavy Duty & Lightweight

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As we're inching closer to Summer I've come to the horrifying realization that my body is 100% not ready to be out in the open. Although my face doesn't get dry at all over the Winter, my body always does and it's been looking and feeling a little lack luster recently. So, I've been stepping up my moisturising game to really nourish my parched skin with two of my favourite moisturisers from Vaseline; their Cocoa Radiant Body Butter and Aloe Vera Spray and Go.

The reason I have two go-to moisturisers is because I like to have one that I know I can apply fuss free if I'm in a rush and also one that I don't mind taking it's time to absorb into my skin. You've probably guessed that the Spray and Go is the one I reach for when I'm short on time- the name gives it away I suppose! I absolutely love the Vaseline Spray and Go moisturisers, I've never used another spray application moisturiser and they've given me such a good first impression of this idea. I'm surprised they aren't more of a big deal, because they are such an essential for someone like me who does not have the patience to put on a slow absorbing, heavy moisturiser on when I'm getting ready to go out in the mornings. I tend to use this moisturiser weekday mornings when I want to get ready in as little time as possible because it gives my skin the moisture it needs, whilst also soaking very quickly in my skin. It doesn't technically work in a 'spray and go' manner because you spray, rub in, then go but as soon as you rub it in, the feeling on it sitting on your skin disappears and you can crack on with getting dressed. It is incredibly lightweight and very quick to rub into your skin; it's definitely the most effortless moisturiser I've ever used. On top of it being super practical and morning friendly, I also adore the gorgeous aloe vera smell which just makes me feel even fresher after a shower. The only thing I will say is the spray is cold af, so if it's a chilly morning I will simply spray it onto my hand and then rub it in. But, on the plus side, it does wake you up if you're having a groggy morning! Although I would wholeheartedly recommend this amazing, handy moisturiser - I don't know if it's because it absorbs so quickly - but I do kind of feel like it's not of an intense moisturiser as it could be which is why I also like to use my heavy duty one on the days I'm not in a rush.

My ultimate heavy duty moistuer is Vaseline's Cocoa Radiant Body Butter, which I love to use in my evening routine before bed and also on the days where I'm having a slower, more relaxed morning. This is a much more of an intense moisturiser, which is perfect for restoring the hydration of my skin in its time of need. If you have very dry skin in general, I would definitely recommend this as it really is very nourishing and helps my skin feel smooth and radiant at once. Similar to the Spray and Go, I adore the rich, cocoa scent of this gorgeous body butter and it lingers on your skin for so long, it just makes it even more of a luxurious experience. The product comes in a decent sized tub, it's lasted me a long time already and I've only used about quarter of the entire tub so far, so it's safe to say a little of the product goes a long way, which is great of any beauty item. I do find this is slower to absorb into my skin than the Spray and Go, but what it lacks in quick absorption it makes up for with intense moisturizing. This is definitely a pamper night essential, so if you're looking for a super hydrating body butter which you leave you feeling super soft and radiant, this will be right up your street. 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Glowing with Anastasia Beverly Hills | That Glow Kit Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills, That Glow kit review, review, glow kit, gleam, uk, review, swatches, bbloggers, beauty, makeup, highlighter, luminizer, ABH, youwishyou, Catherine Delves, 2016
Anastasia Beverly Hills, That Glow kit review, review, glow kit, gleam, uk, review, swatches, bbloggers, beauty, makeup, highlighter, luminizer, ABH, youwishyou, Catherine Delves, 2016

Highlighters are such a big deal right now and I seriously love it. Out of all the trends that have come and gone recently, having a popping highlight is hands down my favourite and I don't think if it ever ended I'd be able to walk away from it. Anastasia Beverly Hills recently released a gorgeous new product in the form of Glow Kits, which are absolutely fabulous highlighter palettes containing four unique luminizers. Seriously, as if her original highlighters weren't stunning enough, I was so so excited to try one of these palettes. There are two available; Gleam and That Glow, of the two I opted for buying That Glow as I was more drawn to the gold and champagne highlighting hues (like a moth to a flame) than the bright white and rose ones in Gleam.

Upon setting my eyes upon the gorgeous glow kit for the first time I was not disappointed, it definitely wasn't a "you look better on Instagram" moment. I'm overly obsessed with the sleek nude and gold packaging and the highlighters inside the palette are equally as jaw dropping. In the kit you get four different highlighters, and I was honestly surprised about how large each of them are- a lot of brands are a bit cheeky when it comes to palettes and they tend to downsize the products (MAC Times Nine I'm looking at you), but each of the highlighters are generously and rather gorgeously large, which I was very happy to see when I first opened this beauty.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, That Glow kit review, review, glow kit, gleam, uk, review, swatches, bbloggers, beauty, makeup, highlighter, luminizer, ABH, youwishyou, Catherine Delves, 2016
Top to bottom- Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold

The four luminizers in the That Glow kit are Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold. The palette graduates from a light champagne gold to an intense, bronze gold Golden Bronze being the darkest and Sunburst being the lightest. Even though all the highlighters are some sort of variation of gold, they each have different undertones which make them unique and also suitable for an array of different skin tones. I also love to mix the shades together to create a combination of them if I fancy it. The possibilities are pretty much endless with this palette which I love; you are guaranteed a gorgeous highlight every time. At some point in my life I would definitely love to get the Gleam Glow Kit to have the full spectrum of highlight at my fingertips, but That Glow Kit will most definitely keep me going until that day comes.

In terms of the formula, they are actually fairly different to Anastasia Beverly Hills' other highlighters. These have slightly more of a power looking finish rather than wet, dewy one like Anastasia's other highlighters- they're more like texture of MAC's Soft and Gentle. I personally don't like either finish any more than the other, if any finish is too power-y it's nothing a little Fix Plus can't rectify, so it's honestly no bother to me that it's different to her other highlighters; I still love it a lot. I do find this formula to be more buildable than her single highlighters, which if you're a glow obsessive like me is absolutely perfect. It pretty much goes without saying that the pigmentation of these highlighters is phenomenal, one swipe leaves you with a stunning glow but like I said, if you do want to build on the brightness, just keep layering the product until it's as pigmented as you want. The longevity of the formula is also very impressive and it doesn't lose any of it's glow throughout the day, ideal for if you know you're got a long day, night or if you just don't want to worry about touch ups!

This review is coming at exactly the right time because both of Anastasia's beautiful highlighter kits are now available to buy in the UK- yay! I was way too impatient and got mine shipped from the States when they were first released, so if you're reading this in the UK you'll be pleased to know that you can now easily get your hands on this from either Cult Beauty or Beauty Bay and retail at £39.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Monochrome Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Damnnn beauty lovers, guess who's back at it again with a makeup tutorial. Last week I uploaded this monochrome cut crease makeup look with the most gorgeous, unique lip colour which I think looks so good with cool toned shadows. The lipstick is Iced Mocha by Gerard Cosmetics, and for one of the less expensive liquid lipsticks out there, the formula of these are just amazing. I have very dry lips and they are gorgeously comfortable and nourishing for them, which I love, especially as they are easy on the bank account. Call me crazy but I also feel like when I wear this lip colour it makes my eyes look more blue? I don't know, I might be deluded but yeah. The only complaint I do have about this liquid lipstick is that I've not had it too long but for some reason it feels like there's barely any left in the tube? I don't know if I got a dodgy one or what, but I'm just a bit puzzled by that. However, it won't stop me from buying a new one as the price is so reasonable for the quality.

Products used:

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 palette
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen
MAC Upwards Lash mascara
Maybelline Gel Liner
L'Oreal Infallible Foundation
Revlon Photoready Foundation
Anastasia Beverly Hills Starlight highlighter
Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop
Gerard Cosmetics liquid lipstick in Iced Mocha 

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Monday, 14 March 2016

10 Healthy Hair Tips

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Near the end of last summer I vowed to start taking proper care of my hair. I have never, ever liked my hair. It's really fine, doesn't grow and has zero volume so I've always felt unsatisfied with it. The whole of my teenage years were spent bleaching, dying, curling and straightening my hair and it got to the point where my hair would barely grow and looked like straw. I wanted to try and help my hair become more manageable and healthy looking, so after watching what feels like hundreds of videos on Youtube on tips to getting healthy hair, I decided to embark on a hair transformation journey. I was following all of these steps religiously (no cheating at all!) until the start of this month, and just by sticking to all these rules for six months, I have honestly noticed such a change in my hair. I still follow most of these rules but I have straightened my hair a few times in the past few weeks, but even so my hair still feels in lovely condition thanks to my hair rehab!

-Don't Wash too Often-

I know some people can't bare the thought of not washing their hair every day or every other day, trust me, I used to be the same. I discovered that washing your hair every day actually strips it off it's natural oils and will cause it to become dry and also get greasier quicker! I now wash my hair twice a week (yes, twice a week) and my hair looks fine between washes. If you're struggling to keep your hair looking fresh between washes, get yourself some dry shampoo. If you find it's not helping, switch brand as although they seem the same, I find a lot of the dry shampoos on the market are actually very different. 

-No Heat!-

Again, this is one that some people will think is impossible! Let me tell you, it's not, I used to use my straighteners every single day and I went months without them! Every time you're using your blow dryer or heat tools on your hair you're frying your lengths and ends with hundreds of degrees of heat, which causes so much damage to it. There are absolutely loads of heatless hairstyles tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube, and going without any heat on your hair will honestly do it the world of good. I think out of all of these tips this is one of the most important!  

-Nourishing Oils & Treatments-

If you have dry or damaged hair, treating it with oils is the best way to restore the moisture and get it looking shiny and healthy. Whether you prefer to use a weekly treatment or a daily leave in treatment, using something to maintain the moisture in your hair will dramatically change it's appearance. As I have fine hair, a lightweight oil or mask is perfect for me. But, if you've got thicker hair you might want to use coconut or castor oil as a weekly treatment. 

-Avoid Frequent Colouring-

I know how hard this is, especially if you get root regrowth like me, but try your best to keep colouring to a minimum. The harsh chemicals in hair colourants can be very damaging to your hair if used too often and can lead to dry, brittle locks. Bleach is especially bad for your hair and can do near irreversible damage. I would always, always recommend you go to your hairdresser if you need to bleach your hair as they will be able to get you to the colour you want with minimal amount of damage. I know it may seem simple enough to bleach your hair at home, I used to bleach my hair myself and it ruined my hair, I beg you please learn from my mistakes and go to a hairdresser if you need bleaching. 

-Be Gentle With Wet Hair-

Your hair is it's most fragile and prone to breakage when it's wet, so be extra gentle with it when it's in this state. After washing or wetting your hair, it's recommended to not brush it until it's dry to avoid as much damage as possible to the hair. I personally find it near impossible to let my hair dry without brushing it as it would just dry a matted, knotted mess so I use a Wet Brush, which is specially created to gentle on wet hair. Another brush you can use to minimize breakage on wet hair is a Tangle Teaser and I would definitely recommend using either that or a Wet Brush to gently brush through wet hair.

-Be Gentle With Dry Hair!-

So I just mentioned being careful with wet hair, but you should also treat you hair gently when it's dry too! It is less prone to breakage when it's dry, but a lot of people have daily habits that are doing damage to their hair without them even realizing. I always used to twirl my hair tightly with my finger or rub the strands of my hair together habitually, which I was told by my hairdresser at the time causes damage and breakage to the hair. I've also heard that tying your hair up tight into the same spot day after day can cause a lot of tension to your hair and even cause baldness if it's done too much. Obviously don't be afraid to do anything with your hair, but do be gentle with it and mindful of what you're putting it through.

-Heat Protection-

If you absolutely have to use heat styling tools then a heat protector is an essential. Heat styling exposes your hair to hundreds of degrees of heat, so make sure you're protecting your precious locks with a heat protector. There are absolutely loads of heat defense products on the market, so you're really spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one. As well as there being loads on the market, there are so many very affordable ones too!

-Massage That Head-

Who doesn't love a cheeky head massage? I'm giving you the perfect excuse to demand them left right and center from now on wards; they are amazing for your hair. Obviously your hair grows out your scalp (duh) and stimulating that area will promote quicker hair growth. I've made your week, right? You can rest easy knowing that head massages will help your hair grow faster.

-Take Vitamins-

This is probably the most effortless way to treat your hair and also your whole body. A lot of vitamins are beneficial for your hair, skin and nails at the same time, who would say no to caring for all three at the same time? You'll find a lot of the 'hair growth' pills you can buy are simply made up of regular vitamins that you can find at your supermarket for a fraction of the price. Vitamin A, D and B group vitamins such a Biotin and Folic acid are all meant to help promote hair growth and healthy hair so I'd recommend trying them before purchasing pricey 'miracle' hair growth pills.

-Drink Lots of Water-

Drinking enough water is so important for your health and well being, including that of your hair. Not drinking enough water can cause dry, weak hair which is the opposite of what you want if you're trying to grow it out or improve the general condition of it. The recommended daily intake of water is 2 litres a day, which sounds like a lot if you're not used to drinking that much, but once you're in the habit of drinking that much, it's very easy. Drinking a decent amount of water will literally make such a difference to not only your hair, but also your skin, energy levels, nails- it's so, so vital for good overall health.

Sticking to these ten rules for almost half a year was hands down the best decision I have ever made for my hair, so if you're in desperate need of a complete hair rescue I'd definitely recommend considering some of these steps! 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Sunday Post | "Your Struggles Develop Your Strength"

This week (like most weeks recently) I've been fighting for my fucking life against the current that is dissertation panic. I'm absolutely buzzing that I only have a few months left of university, but at the same time pooping my pants that I have so much work to do and no time at all to finish it all. When it comes to this sort of stress, flight is definitely my copy mechanism; I want to bury my head in the sand, sleep all day, watch six series on Netflix straight- basically do anything to not have to face the mountain of work I have to do. Of course this is not the best way to deal with these problems (or any problem!) as Netflix isn't going to do my work for me.

This week I've developed a pretty weird way of motivating myself and that is reading and listening motivational speeches for bodybuilders. Yes, bodybuilders. I'm obviously not a bodybuilder, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my absolute heroes (it was love at first Terminator movie) and even though I can't spell his surname, I am full on inspired by the man. And honestly, after reading quotes by him, I feel inspired to take on the world. It doesn't make me want to be the next Miss Universe, but it makes me believe in my passions and dreams again and feel excited to chase them. I'm finally forcing myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's motivating me to crack on with my work and get it done and dusted.

Struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel is something that can be applied to a lot of life's challenges. Of course, university was something I chose to do, it's something I've enjoyed and am glad I've done, but sometimes life throws unexpected and unwelcome events our way. If you're going through a hard time in your life, it's almost impossible not to be consumed by it. From my own experience of dark periods, there is always, always a light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a month away, a year, two years, but the most important thing to remember if you're in a bad place is not to surrender to it. Fight for your life, in the words of Bridesmaids "fight for your shitty life!". As we grow up we're fed fairy tales of women getting saved by men, and although I love my boyfriend, he is my best friend and rock, the only person that can make the decision to help you and save you is you. 
It's undeniably easy to lie down and take it when life is screwing you over, when everything in the universe seems to be willing you to give up, is when it's time to prove your strength and fight through that hard time. If you don't want to be helped, no matter how much another person tries, you aren't going to be. You need to want the best for yourself, you need to want to feel alive and once you actually want to feel motivated and happy again, only then can you begin that journey. I 100% know it's easier said than done and you may encounter hurdles, but there is always, always a light at the end of the tunnel. If it's not okay, then it's not the end. 

I guess what I'm trying to do is pass on some of the motivational advice that I've learnt this week and I hope whatever your situation, it also helps you fight through a miserable time. If you do want to listen to some motivational speeches, my favourites are HERE and HERE. It might sound like an absolutely insane and cheesy way to get happy and get motivated but seriously, it works for me and I hope it works for you too.